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In this episode, we discuss the recently published major updates in the 9th edition of the anticoagulation guidelines from CHEST. These new recommendations range from initiation of therapy, secondary prevention, and management of post-thrombotic syndrome.

Key Concepts

  1. Among patients with cancer-associated VTE, DOACs are preferred over low molecular weight heparins (LMWH) EXCEPT in patients with GI cancers. The preferred anticoagulant in those with GI cancers is either LMWH or apixaban.
  2. Among patients with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, warfarin (INR goal 2-3) is preferred over DOAC therapy.
  3. In the extended phase of treatment (secondary prevention after 3 months of treatment), lower anticoagulant doses should be used (such as apixaban 2.5 mg BID or rivaroxaban 10 mg daily).
  4. In patients with a DVT, IVC filters should only be used when anticoagulation therapy is contraindicated. IVC filters reduce the risk of PE but do not alter the risk of DVT extension or future DVTs.
  5. Compression stockings are not recommended for prevention of post-thrombotic syndrome nor for recurrent DVT prevention.
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